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T5 HO 2.0 LED Grow Light Fixture

Watch Taylor, the founder of Active Grow, as he introduces this revolutionary new fixture and covers installation and PPFD readings.

House Plant Journal
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The Active Grow LED fixture had excellent light output, proving it was capable of growing ‘Full Sun’ herbs and even getting smaller vegetables to fruiting stage.

Joe Gardener
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Over 5 weeks of growing time under this system, the plants performed very well – no legginess, nice compact plants, great color, and no light-burn.

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Dendrobium subclausum is a moderate to high light orchid species from New Guinea. While this orchid grew vigorously with light levels of 4000-6000fc for 6 hrs/day, it grew and bloomed even better under much less intense Active Grow LED grow lights for 8 hrs/day.

On the Grow
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Active Grow did a pretty phenomenal job here. I’m very happy with the growth on all of this (Broccoli Microgreens). The coloration on all these cotyledons is really beautiful. The crop looks very healthy.

Albo Pepper
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I really like Active Grow’s LoPro Max LED system...You can safely hang the lights nice and close for a super high DLI during the bloom cycle. These are also great for various rack systems. These are professional, commercial grade LEDs, rated to be safe & reliable.

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