Why Active Grow?

Active Grow’s mission is to help growers lower their carbon footprint by providing them with energy efficient products designed specifically for horticulture. Active Grow strives to enable our customers to achieve self-reliance in growing their own high-quality plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits and medicine. By lowering energy consumption and reducing the amount of waste produced from food and medicinal packaging, everyone can do their small part in giving back to the Earth that we take so much from. To learn more about the environmental impact you can have by growing with LED lighting, check out the Grow Light & Environmental Savings Calculator in our Grow Light Academy.

Active Grow is a horticultural lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington that works directly with experienced growers to develop energy efficient and long lasting alternatives to traditional grow lights. The “Active” in Active Grow refers to “Active Radiation,”  which is present in photons from the Plant Biologically Active Radiation or PBAR range (280-800 nm) which covers the spectral range that can influence a plant’s biology. Active Grow uses the latest solid-state technology to engineer formulated light spectrums specifically for plant growth to help growers increase yields and maximize production. Learn more about PBAR and other Horticulture Lighting Terminology here.

Active Grow’s focus on developing quality grow lighting solutions is setting the standard for sustainable horticulture lighting safety and performance. Active Grow was the first to develop a luminaire compliant with the ETL Horticultural Lighting Certification Program, which includes a rigorous set of requirements for lighting in variable agricultural areas. Active Grow products were also featured in the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Annual Progress Report and in the LEDs Magazine Annual Sapphire Awards due to their innovative design and exceptional efficacy.

Active Grow is dedicated to your success and willing to provide tailor-made solutions based on your specific application. Let one of our team members map out your grow space and make lighting suggestions based on your plant’s PPFD and DLI requirements. Active Grow can also help determine what utility rebates may be available in your area for switching over to LED lights and have you saving more right away. Simply reach out to us here if you have any questions and get a FREE initial energy savings calculation.