Watch & Learn about the DLC Listed LoPro Max LED Grow Lights, Far-Red Wavelengths, High CRI Benefits & the PBAR Spectral Range

Seattle, WA, March 17, 2021, Watch the video for Active Grow’s DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) Listed LoPro Max LED Luminaires and learn about horticultural lighting concepts like the benefits of high CRI light, the impact of far-red wavelengths, the Emerson Effect and why the extended PBAR (280-800 nm) spectral range may be more useful for understanding lighting for plants than the traditional PAR (400-700 nm) spectral range. In addition, we share the DLC 3rd party test reports of the PPF and extended PPF range data for the 640W LoPro unit so you know exactly what you are getting in terms of efficacy with these fixtures.

Learn more about the LoPro Max 640W horticultural luminaire here.

Learn more about the LoPro Max 320W horticultural luminaire here.

To purchase the LoPro Max horticultural luminaires visit the Active Grow website.

About Active Grow
Active Grow LLC is a commercial grade horticultural lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. The company works directly with experienced growers to develop the next generation of horticultural lighting systems that are energy efficient and long-lasting alternatives to HPS, HID and fluorescent grow lamps. Active Grow LED lights feature the latest technological innovations to help growers increase their yields and maximize their production. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the latest company updates and videos.

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