Plants Are Unique.
Spectrums Should Be Too.

Daylight Spectral Distribution

PBAR refers to Plant Biologically Active Radiation and designates the spectral range from 280–800 nm. According to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE), PBAR covers a more substantial range of light that affects plant biology. The PBAR measurement includes the PAR band from 400–700 nm as well as the ultraviolet radiation band of 280–400 nm and the infrared radiation band of 700–800 nm. Active Grow reports both the PAR and PBAR values for all product specifications as the 280-800 nm range is becoming more widely recognized and incorporated into industry lighting standards.

CRI <70

Active Grow LED CRI >95

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures a light source’s ability to accurately reproduce the colors of objects in comparison to natural sunlight (CRI 100). This 100-point scale examines 15 different R values of a light source and uses the average of R1-R8 to calculate the CRI value. Traditional grow light sources typically have low CRI values and may create uncomfortable working environments. Poor color reproduction also makes it difficult for growers to visually identify issues with plants like pests and fungus.

Traditional HPS Spectrum CRI <25

Active Grow Entourage Spectrum CRI 94

Active Grow offers various high CRI light spectrums specifically designed with both plants and growers in mind. These full-spectrum light formulas create bright, vivid grow spaces and are 100% dedicated to promting healthy plant growth. Choose from Active Grow’s Entourage (CRI 94), Sun White (CRI 95), Autumn Sun (CRI 95), Spring Sun (CRI 95) and Sun White Pro (CRI 88) high CRI spectrums and stop growing in the dark.

Morphological Effects

Active Grow Spectrum Formulas

Entourage Spectrum

Features a natural high CRI 94 light with additional 730 nm Far-Red wavelengths essential for boosting healthy growth during vegetative and flowering cycles.

Sun White Spectrum

High CRI 95 full-spectrum light accentuates plant colors, making visual inspection easier. Includes additional Red and Far-Red wavelengths to boost photosynthesis rates.

Sun White Pro Spectrum

Professional grade production spectrum formulated to promote healthy vegetative growth, root development, tight internodal spacing and phytochemical production.

Spring Sun Spectrum

Full-spectrum light (CRI 95) formulated to mimic spring sun conditions for promoting plant compactness, tighter internodal spacing and healthy foliage development.

Autumn Sun Spectrum

Full-spectrum light (CRI 95) formulated to mimic natural autumn sun conditions for promoting healthy growth during flowering, budding and fruiting stages.

Bright White Spectrum

Designed for maximum PAR (400-700 nm) efficacy, this full-spectrum light is formulated for high light intensity requirement plants during the vegetative stage.

Blue Sun Spectrum

Deep blue and full-spectrum cool white light accentuates colors and promotes healthy development of coral, mushrooms, clones and red lettuce varieties.

Red Bloom Spectrum

Far-Red wavelengths boost light absorption, speed up plant growth and combine with Blue wavelengths to promote root development, budding and fruiting.

Red Bloom Pro Spectrum

True full-spectrum light designed to increase plant mass, speed up growth and promote healthy root development, budding and fruiting in purely indoor environments.